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Allgood Technology Ltd

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Electronic Assembly Services . Specialists in Surface Mount Technology


We are equipped to build, repair and modify most current PCB designs in SMT, conventional or mixed technology.

We can assemble components on one or both sides and on PCBs or panels up to 450mm square.

Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Plant

Inspection, Cleaning and Rework

No Clean Policy - Allgood Technology uses "No Clean" materials exclusively.


All work visually inspected at several stages - defects logged and analysed, enabling corrective action to be taken.

Workmanship Standard is IPC-A-610. We operate a quality system in accordance with the requirements and aims of ISO9000.

All component and assembly handling is carried out with full electro-static protection.

All work, operators and materials are traceable through every process. Problems occurring during builds are sent immediately to our customers and logged on our information system for analysis.

Warranty. We guarantee our workmanship and any materials we have supplied for twelve months.


Completed work is shipped by insured overnight carrier, timed delivery options are available.

We are often the first people to assemble a design and so are uniquely placed to comment upon it's manufacturability. Manufacturability is an issue frequently overlooked in the rush to get the prototypes out but a little thought here can make the item easier and cheaper to assemble.

At the conclusion of a new job, we will report on our findings during manufacture, problems we encountered and how they could be removed or simplified for subsequent production.