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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information is required for a quotation?

  2. What added information is required to start production?

  3. How best is the data transferred?

  4. Can we supply all of the parts free issue?

  5. Can Allgood supply all/some of the parts?

  6. How much does Allgood mark up the prices of bought in parts and services?

  7. Does Allgood accept Credit Cards?

  8. I don't have an account - how do we pay?

  9. How do I open a credit account?

 10. Can Allgood supply the PCBs?

 11. I am designing my PCB with BGAs; what can I do to improve manufacturability?

 12. How will Allgood keep us informed of progress?

 13. What delivery options are there - and is my parcel insured?

How will Allgood keep us informed of progress?

In the event of a problem, we will contact you if necessary via e-mail or telephone

Upon receipt of parts or PCBs from you we will contact you via e-mail

Upon completion and delivery of the project we will inform you via e-mail

I am designing my PCB with BGAs, what can I do to improve manufacturability?

BGAs are becoming increasingly popular.  If your PCB design is not yet frozen, there is one simple but very useful thing you can do to improve the manufacturability of the board.  If you look at the photo below, you will note the presence of chevron shaped corner indicators in the top copper layer of the PCB.  These enable us to align the package corners before reflow and to check for correct positioning after reflow.

This layout has two sets of markers to allow for two different package sizes, most people only need one set to define the corners of the package they are using.  You can use a circular pad rather than a chevron if tight for room and ideally on every corner if you can.

The markers MUST be in the top copper layer - do not try to do it with silkscreen as the registration is too poor to be any use on a BGA.

What delivery options are there - and is my parcel insured?

We use UPS and Royal Mail Special Delivery for small items.

We currently offer the following delivery services:

Standard Next Day - Charged at £15 per consignment (inc packaging) up to a total of 20Kg, then £0.50 per Kg after.

Next Day by Noon - Charged at £17.50

Next Day by 10.30am - Charged at £20

Next Day by 9am - Charged at £25

Royal Mail Special Delivery (formerly Registered Post) is a "Next Day by 12" service and is charged at £7.50 for up to 1kg.

Split Shipments.

Sometimes we are often asked to split ship - i.e. send initial boards through when ready and send the rest later.  In this case we charge per shipment.  If however we have to split ship for our own reasons, then we carry the cost of the additional shipments.

Transit Insurance:  We have insurance cover of up to £15,000 per consignment.

Can Allgood supply the PCBs?

Yes we can. To do this we need all the PCB manufacturing data as soon as possible.

How do I open an account?

We will be glad to consider opening an account for you on completion of the usual checks.  Click here to download an application form.

I don’t have an account - how do I pay?

For very small orders we usually accept payment upon completion. For anything larger or that needs external bought in services such as tooling or parts procurement we may ask you to pay up front via a Pro Forma.  On longer term jobs we may ask for stage payments to cover parts etc. that have been bought but that have not yet been used.

If you require us to put your order on hold for any reason after we have incurred any costs, we reserve the right to invoice you for anything we will have to pay for ourselves before we can complete the job and invoice you.  This usually means tooling and materials but could include work completed if a substantial amount had been done.

Does Allgood accept credit cards?

Not at present. Most of our customers are businesses so there has not been much demand for this - however if you think it would benefit you if we did, let us know and we can look into it.

Can Allgood supply some/all of the parts?

No problem.  We stock a wide range of passive components for your use and can procure many other parts.  If a more extensive range of parts are required, a kitting company will be used as they are more experienced in sourcing parts.  For this a Bill of Materials would be required as soon as possible as lead times can be lengthy.  

Can we supply all of the parts free issue?

No problem.  This is a very common situation and we are experienced in dealing with free issue kits.  Our kit preparation stage checks for gross errors such as wrong values and shortages.  We recommend that you over supply passive components to allow room for miscounting and production errors.  Please note that for parts supplied for machine mounting require approx 50mm spare leader tape for feeder loading.

All surplus parts will be returned upon completion.

How best is data transferred?

As file attachments to e-mails.  The following file formats are preferred;

What added information is required to start production?

In addition to the data above;

What information is required for a quotation?

For repeat orders within twelve months with no build level change  (i.e. no PCB or BOM changes) cost will usually be similar or identical to the last build less any tooling which can be reused.

For a new project, we need the following:

How much markup is added to parts supplied by Allgood?

In general we apply a flat rate mark-up of 20% to all parts and services we procure on the customer's behalf. The mark-up, covers our costs in procuring and enables us to pay our supplier before the job is invoiced.  We will consider negotiating lower mark-ups and in fact if money is tight, we are happy for our customers if they wish to pay our suppliers direct in which case no mark-up is made.